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Assorted Role Play: Their Earth is not like Ours

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

This was a piece I made when I was depressed about the state of the world. So yeah. This is not canon in any way, there is no "imperial Terran empire" and Ronin Kociero is certainly not its emperor, and his daughter Amiori is not their general, well you get the message .But here we go anyway. I repurposed the image to be used here, where it is considered canon in my universe. :3


Humanity is an affront to the Imperial Terran Doctrine. There is only one solution - complete and total eradication of the Human species. The Imperial Navy delivers Polaryte Radiological Warheads - biological material is reduced to proteins leaving structures mostly intact.

The Imperial Terran Doctrine dictates that sub-terran species must be silenced in the name of Terra. After the First Gate allowed travel between parallel three-dimensional universes, Supreme Emperor Kociero of the Unified Terran Third Empire willed that it was our sovereign right to wage a war upon the sub-terrans that occupy the multi-verse.

And thus, the Final War began. Imperial Terran Doctrine states that only the Emperor itself must reign sovereign. All others are unworthy of existence. Only from the ashes of the lesser terran races, can the True Terran race establish the Terran Fourth Empire - spanning the breadth of the multiverse. We will stand victorious over the cries of a thousand Earths.

It is our Destiny.

-General of the Navy, Amiori K. - Imperial Terran II Empire. Captain of IFNV "Pride of Terra" (BB-002).

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