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(Update) Sash is still alive, apparently.

In case you read this post and thought otherwise. Posting shit like that is quite nice to vent some steam. I hate BPD.

Anyway, anyone actually still reads my blog (except you, Aunty Christine, you don't count), you may wonder what the fuck I'm actually doing. Or you don't, you probably don't - and that's fine.

Well I'm animating. I'm learning blender and animating a lot of things. And getting quite good at it, apparently. But you don't care about that? Fair enough. PC stuff? Oh, yeah. I would have typed about this a lot back in the day, but hey ho. I have five GA106 cards, one 3050 and four RTX 3060 12GBs. But I'm too busy actually using them to type about them, at least for now.

They are for Blender Cycles renderer with OptiX, by the way. I really do need to do a Hardware profile on both the 3050 and the 3060, and something Autistic about how I'm having this huge love affair with the GA106 GPU; I've owned more GA106s (not just at the same time, but in general) than any other GPU, well, tied with GM200 (GTX 980 Ti) I owned at least five of those, but not at the same time.

Anyway, I am babbling. Yes, a Hardware Profile for GA106-based cards is definitely going to happen, I just don't know when. ADHD is hard enough already.

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