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VideoCardz admin/moderation banned me and haven't answered my emails asking as to why.

Just updating my blog on this subject. The moderation team over at VideoCardz, banned me a few days ago for reasons I don't quite know why. In all fairness I was going through a rough patch and typed some silly comments, but I don't think it was fair to outright ban me, especially since I contribute a lot to the discussion and my upvote:comment ratio was over 2 upvotes per comment, which is more than most people. So people agreed, overall, with what I said.

I have emailed them and haven't received a reply, not even a single response. Now, Sash days are quite long and I know they are likely very busy, so I will wait for another week before thinking they are deliberately ignoring my requests.

I'm a bit annoyed, not hugely; the comment section there has deteriorated in recent months, but apparently they're just in the habit of banning regulars that contribute a lot of technical discussion (Yes, that's me). Thanks VideoCardz, unless you're gonna get back to me soon(ish) I think that's a tad unfair.

I've also been accused of being a Troll on Twitter, by some random schmuck, apparently I'm a "well known" troll on VideoCardz. Do I look like a troll? Does a simple troll run a tech website/blog like mine? Decide for yourself.

I'm not unreasonable, all I want is a reason as to which comment it was. My comments started getting flagged as "spam" automatically (I've been targeted by bots before now, with downvotes) so I'm going to go ahead and suspect foul play here, then I was banned (maybe automatically?).

This was only days after exchanging friendly words with the moderator called 'SMiThaYe', to which I apologised for getting a bit heated, and I thought we had settled that. Yes, it does upset me a bit that I am banned from VideoCardz, and if they want to keep my banned, then it really is their loss judging by the ignorance of the average commenter on disqus.

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