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Warframe: I used my 2nd Umbra Forma on Inaros. Oh, and I'm Crunching Numbers whilst playing.

I typed a huge description for this video in YouTube, when I was going to type all that in my Blog post instead. But, oh well. Here's the description.

Just a random Warframe gameplay video. I'm running World Community Grid in the background and playing at the same time. I just used my second Umbra Forma on Inaros, and he's pretty wedge as a result, more so than usual. Oh, and LARGE MAN is doing a floor hack lol. (He's not, because he's an AI, but he did derp out under the map when I was in Cetus).

For this video my Ryzen 7 2700X is running in my "power saver" mode and limited to 75W socket power, and it is sticking to that pretty well. The cores are crunching numbers for WCG on 10 tasks/threads, running the game, and also I have about 12 tabs open in Firefox and a bunch of other software running. Clock speeds are around 3.4 to 3.6 GHz on all 8 cores, it fluctuates a bit. The game is locked to 57 FPS using RTSS and it seemed to stick there quite nicely.

The RTX 2060 SUPER is running my usual overclock of about 2 GHz core and 15 Gbps memory (using Auto-OC) but is under 2 GHz in this game, actually around 1.9 GHz or so due to high power use and limit of 210W (Warframe uses a lot of power in my experience).

The game is at maximum settings and 3840x2160 (4K) resolution with Auto resolution enabled; that is to say, that if the GPU is taxed to maximum and the FPS dips below my target, the game reduces the render resolution to compensate. I like a steady FPS in Warframe, but the 2060 SUPER is powerful enough to maintain the full resolution most of the time, but even a reduced res looks great on my 24" 4K monitor, for those scenes (basically only on the PoE) that are a bit too much for full res and my FPS target.


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