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Warframe: Triple-Digit FPS gaming on Ryzen 7 3700X on Orb Vallis

The Performance Gamers Demand. :D

From the Video Description:

Please note that this video contains some minor spoilers for characters in Fortuna.

The video is encoded on the RX 5700's video engine using Radeon Relive, at 30 FPS to save file size. The game is running at maximum possible settings at 1920x1080.

My monitor is 144 Hz and the game FPS is capped using RTSS at 142 FPS.

I'm playing on the Orb Vallis, with some intense fighting and lots of effects on screen. (I love this). The Ryzen 3700X processor does a fantastic job of keeping the game over 100 FPS essentially all of the time. I am playing at 1080p so the 5700 is not being taxed a huge amount as the game is pretty well optimised for graphics cards. Check the On-Screen Display for framerate information and graphs of FPS/load over time.

Overall I notice the FPS being about 20 FPS~ (20-30%) Higher than my 2700X, which itself kept a very respectable frame rate over 80 most of the time. Warframe is the most CPU-bound game I play (since I stopped playing Falout 76 because that game is a dumpster fire, don't get me started). So I get quick renders in Eyesight, snappy editing in Rush and PDN, insane perf/watt and fantastic gaming performance to boot - all for a little over 300 pounds for the CPU.

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