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What do I actually intend to do with my Gaming Videos?

Um, I don't know. But I think I know what I want to do with them now. While I love gaming and Role Play I want the focus of my videos to be the performance of the hardware I am currently using, in the games that I play. So for example if you watch my "Sash joins the Enclave" videos of me playing Modded Fallout 4, in the top left you can see my On-Screen Display with my hardware info and frame rate. So you can see what the performance is like.

Or if you just want to watch for the gameplay/story that's fine too. Anyway I am going to make my OSD bigger and do some more videos with different games with a focus on performance analysis. Because that is what I am most passionate about with my PC. If you look on my YouTube channel, a lot of the earlier videos are indeed just this.

The hardware I am using to run the game is listed either in the Video Title, or in the description. I am also going to make a page on my website that lists the spec of my current PCs.


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