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When peoples' Misinformation spreading goes too far. (Updated With Micro-Rant).

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I feel like I don't have to even make a rant post about this one, the screenshot alone speaks volumes.


Rather than make a new post for this Micro-Rant, I'll just update this. On, the comment sections - powered by Disqus, are rapidly beginning to descend into toxic slime similar in nature to another site I used to comment on - I don't anymore, because I vowed never again to wade through that cesspit.

After experiencing personal attacks and abuse, being encouraged to kill myself, and being semi-doxxed (You can't dox me if you use a picture I posted publicly, you muppet, though the intent was there). All by fan-fucks (if you'll excuse my language) of certain Hardware manufacturers, well; it kinda takes the enjoyment out of tech enthusiasm.

To that end, I've decided (I've really got to reign in the lack of Self-Control) to stop commenting on VideoCardz for the same reason. It is now filled with brainlets (Either paid shills or zealous fanboys - or those with extreme buyer's remorse and the need to defend their purchase on a tech forum) and nothing more can be done.

I get a bit triggered when I see things like in the original post below, and always feel the need to correct it so that actual people don't fall for the misinformation and make a mistake buying a product. If they buy an Intel CPU knowing the facts; they would have anyway, and I can't chage stupidity, but if they buy it genuinely thinking it's the superior product, then well... you know. That triggers me because (unfortunately) I'm rather passionate & emotional.

And Intel Fan-Fucks really, really piss me off. It got the point when they had employed a chat-bot to automatically downvote my comments. Seems like something a shill would do. Or a Zealous Fan-Fuck; or someone who made a purchase recently and doesn't like the truth ;)

Either way, I'm more or less done with public discussion forums. Human Beings (especially online) have proven time and time again their ignorance, stupidity and/or toxicity and I really just can't keep bashing my head against that wall - especially when they are likely trolls.

It's just better to sit back and acknowledge their insecurities and laugh.

Intel really is getting crushed lately. It's an absolute, objective fact. Don't believe me? Do your own research, you'll see. It's human nature to want to feel secure (and don't I know it...).

So I can only pity them.


Original Post:

The individual is refering to quad-core Haswell parts of the 4th Generation Core series. How someone could type something so blatantly false into a website comment section is absolutely beyond me.

I have integrity, and I'll give Intel credit where they are due it. Lying through your teeth to push your favourite company's agenda is disgusting.

I just hope some poor sod doesn't read this and make a huge mistake with a PC investment because of it.

(FYI: The OP posted a single graph of unknown origin (can't even verify the legitmacy, could be vastly out-dated pre-vuln fix Intel and pre-bios update Ryzen), showing a 4/4 Haswell-based CPU beating the Ryzen 5 1600 by a hefty margin in Battlefield 1. That alone is suspicious in and of itself.

Even if this is valid, it's a cherry picked edge case. I can show you a benchmark of the 3700X beating the i9-9900KS in a game if you'd like (I'm not lying). Does it make the 3700X faster than the 9900KS in gaming? No. But I'd argue it's so close it doesn't matter anyway ;)

Sash "says" (13/01/2020):

Fact is, do your own research before making a purchase. If you must buy an Intel platform - I'd advise against it however, you should definitely at least wait for the Comet-Lake 10th gen mainstream parts on Z490 before making a decision. However Ryzen has pretty much got all fields covered; including gaming.

Here's some more advice on choosing a CPU on a budget (or you're smart & value conscious) today that I whipped up a while ago:

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