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(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Capital) Pathfinder

Legendary Battlecruiser under the command of former Terran War-hero, Captain Ronin Kociero. The Pathfinder's Lineage can be traced back thousands of earth-cycles.

Earth and Space
(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Capital) Pathfinder

||Brief History:
A formidable Warship based on a proud and noble lineage of Terran spacecraft designs dating back to the early 3rd millennium. The Pathfinder in its current iteration is an amalgam of modified, customised and adapted technology from across known space, fitted together by Captain Kociero's crew and personal draughtsmen, including the C-AI, CoRE, of whom he considers a brother.

The original Pathfinder was laid down in 2081 A.D in orbit over the Old Earth, by the Terran Space Research Corporation., along with her sister ship, the Sceptre. She was completed in 2089 A.D and launched into the TSRC's Deep-Space Exploration program. Exact details of her long and somewhat enigmatic career under the command of Ronin Kociero are sparse.

The most notable phase of the Pathfinder's service history lies with the UTN, or the Unified Terran Nations - now known as the 'Old Federation'. Captain Kociero and the Pathfinder would go on to serve a proud and distinguished career with the Federal Navy's 1st Expeditionary Fleet, all the way up to the Fall of the UTN in 4040 A.D; when the vessel and her crew mysteriously disappeared.

During her time in Federal Navy service, the original, ancient Pathfinder-class Armoured-cruiser hull was essentially re-built from the ground up with a new superstructure based on the Federal Navy's highly successful Endeavour-class Battlecruiser. At which point, the Pathfinder's identity was in name only.

There are very limited official records concerning the Pathfinder in more recent ages. During the Fall of the UTN the vessel was within specification of the highly advanced 'S5A' variant of the Endeavour-class, but with additional - custom - modifications made by Captain Kociero and CoRE themselves, due to the relatively free reign Federal Navy command gave them during operations. After the fall of the UTN, the Pathfinder and her crew became disillusioned with the new government that had risen from the ashes of the Old Federation; the United Aquarian Systems, and after many 'disagreements' the Pathfinder would depart Aquarius entirely, remaining largely unknown to the new Terran State.

During the end of the New Federal Era, Pathfinder was involved in an incident in Aquarian space and was officially deemed an Enemy of the State by the UAS Government, and declared 'kill on sight' by the authorities. It was at this point that any connection to the Aquarian Terran state had been severed entirely. During the transition period to the Imperial Era in 4401 A.D, the newly formed ATIS Imperial Navy began actively searching for the Pathfinder in an attempt to bring her and her crew to their view of justice.

||Excerpt from Ronin's Kociero's log [UNKNOWN DATE] concerning the Pathfinder:

"A noble ship. Brave, honourable. Changed so many times I'd never have recognised her since the first time I sat in her command chair. But she's all the same inside, same spirit. Hard to describe an attachment to a huge bucket of Citradite and Tritanium alloys, but here I am.

Most captains grow attached to their ships. But Pathfinder, it's like she's grown attached to me. Without me, she's a warrior without eyes. Without her, I'm a warrior without a Sword. And she's one mean motherfucking sword. If I'm going to hell, she'll be my one-way ride."

||Excerpt from CoRE's analysis [UNKNOWN DATE] of the Pathfinder:

Designation: Pathfinder. Type: Battlecruiser. Class: A miss-matched rust-bucket of at least a dozen different designs all rolled into one. But apparently quite capable. This vessel is my home. Ronin has a strong connection with the ship's biomatrix: he's able to interact with the semi-organic neural links to a greater extent than any other biological entity so far. I have written, and re-written countless trillion sub-routines, tailored around this one vessel. I have become, if you like, one and the same with Pathfinder. So much so that a forced disconnection with the vessel would have dire consequences to my Mind. This doesn't concern me."

||Exerpt from ATIS / UAS Starship Identification Database


||Excerpt from Old Federal Archives:

An ancient Terran warship, mostly residing in legends and science-fiction in the 3rd millennium. The original Pathfinder-class Armoured Cruiser was developed by the now-defunct Terran Space Research Corporation of the Old Earth, in 2081 A.D, over 2000 cycles prior to currents events in Aquarius. Since that time, following the exploits of her undying Sempiternalis captain, the Pathfinder has been re-fitted and modernised at least six times, with the entire superstructure being replaced with the fifth iteration- instead being based on the Old Federation's highly capable Endeavour-S5A class Battlecruiser.

The Pathfinder is believed to have undergone at least on more major revision since then, but the details are largely unknown.


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