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(Cruiser) RV-class

RV-class is essentially a Pattern-2 (S2) RV-AX/Revolution-class Fleet Cruiser from the UAS Federal Navy, inherited by the AIN and upgraded/retooled. It serves a similar purpose as a fast escort and fleet warship.

(Cruiser) RV-class

|| Specifications:

Class: Cruiser
Role: Fleet Cruiser
Mass: 500,000-550,000 T
Length: 1110 M
Max Speed (Impulse Cruise): < 2.4 KM/s
Max Speed (Hyper Cruise): < 2400 KM/s
Max Range (JDA): > 2 Parsec
Date: 1 I.D.S
Origin: Aquarius Imperial Naval Shipyards, Lorentis System

Primary Armour Plating: Nanopolymer-based low-metalic composite construction
Primary Armour Thickness: =< 5.15M (Main), =< 1.75M (Secondary) =< 0.45M (Tertiary & Pressure)
Spinal/Axial Armament: N/A
Primary Armament: 2x Dual-Linked IM81-A IMAPA Anti-Ship Battery Turrets
Secondary Armament: 8x PDS Clusterfire CIWS
Tertiary Armament: 8x SPARTAN Long-Range Missile System
Shielding: [DATA LOCKED]
Sensors: Stern Dual-tower LRS81-I1-L Broad Spectrum Long-Range Sensor Array for FC, Targeting, minships dual-tower SPARTAN-I1 Omni Sensor Suite for S-LRMS
Propulsion: 8x quad-stack HF Cyclonic Magneto Plasma Impulse (upgraded)
Powerplant: X104/1ISN Supernova Power Supply System

|| Description:

Despite being over a KM in length, it's one of the fastest ships in the fleet. The RV-type cruisers are based on upgraded RV-AX 'Revolution' hulls, and enjoyed popularity with UAS Naval commanders for their speed, and this reputation is no different in Imperial service. The main difference between Pattern-1 (S1) RV-AXs and the AIN's upgraded S2 model is the powerplant. The S2 vessels use a miniaturised version of the X104 Supernova integrated power supply first deployed on Evolution (EV) class supercarriers. Improvements to the design allowed for a 75% reduction in size/mass at only 50% reduction in total output. The SN is different from the standard Helio-Barycentric Cold Fusion reactors used on contemporary Terran warships, but neither the Aquarian Federal Navy nor its Imperial successor have divulged any details as the exact operation of the system.

Other upgrades include a new Long Range Sensor suite, SPARTAN Fire Control system and upgraded shield modulator increasing the warship's defensive capability. Minor upgrades to the vessel's propulsion were made by Imperial Engineers, resulting in slightly higher velocity tolerances under normal operating conditions.

RV-class cruisers are the most widely produced and deployed warship in the Aquarian Imperial Navy, being committed to essentially every naval deployment to some extent.

(Cruiser) RV-class

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