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(Supercapital) HMSS Poseidon

HMSS Poseidon is the 2nd largest vessel ever officially built, hence the title of Lord of the Sea.


A One of One Combat Super-Carrier designed to in the front-line of thick combat, supporting the fleet, building & repairing vessels in the fray and acting as a home-base for an entire Battlegroup.

Well over 4 Kilometres long; The Poseidon cuts an imposing sillouhete, the massive Obelisk shape bristling with sensors emplacements, reactionless drive arrays and broken by the large turrets of her main armament: Gravitational Distortion Cannons.

With power demands to make some stellar bodies blush: a Gravitational Distortion Cannon (GDC) is unreasonable to mount on almost any other chassis, working on broadly the same principles as UK Reactionless Drives (And the initial steps of the Interstitual Drive) the GDC pummel targets with rapidly varying gravitational fields, pulverizing targets into twisted and broken scrap. Limited in range compared to other weapons systems; it is no Standoff weapon, however for anything attempting to get close enough to break Poseidon's considerable shields and armour: There is no better weapon for the Lord of the Sea.

Similar to her cousin ship HMSS Prometheus the Poseidon packs a considerable powerplant, Interstitual Drive and Phased Disassembler Array, Capable of ccreating and maintaining Standing Gates in dependant of other vessels: The Super-Carrier is designed to be the Leader of any Battle group and single-handedly maintain an entire fleet when required.

Often used for Border Patrols and assisting her cousin ship Prometheus with system constructions; The Poseidon is an evolution of the lessons learned when building [[Ark Royal]] so many Centuries ago.

Both it and her cousin shp HMSS Prometheus hold Peacekeeper hubs aboard, meaning the ship has formidable AI support in both peace & war should the situation need.

(//Codex Entry Author: Alex Lee)

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