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Autonomous machine of supposed Maikor origin. Believed to act as the 'caretakers' of planetary systems considered of importance for incomprehensible reasons. The Drone is the smallest Maikor automaton, around the size of a Frigate, but wields destructive potential greater than that of a terrestrial battleship.


||Excerpt from Old Federation Archaexenology Database:

A small, fast and very agile craft. Drones are the most common of all Maikor ships and are usually seen gliding through debris fields and asteroid belts. As with all Maikor ships, very little is known about the Drone except for the fact that it can manipulate and construct Maikor technology. They are believed to be a builder or a worker ship, and probably helped build the original Maikor Dominion. Despite this, Drones are relatively (by terrestrial standar) heavly armed and present a real threat to even military vessels. Due to their speed, they are also believed to be used by the Maikors as scouts, capable of establishing a significant Maikor presence in a distant sector in minutes without the need of heavy convoys or jump-gates typically relied upon by younger races.

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