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(Cruiser) Seralo-class Heavy Cruiser

The mainstay of the Senlani Peacekeeping forces, this Heavy Cruiser is anything but. Possessing some of the highest acceleration and deacceleration capabilities of any known starship, Seralo provides the Senlani Defence Fleet with an unmatched rapid-response capability and underscores their emphasis on reactionary doctrine within their homeworlds.

(Cruiser) Seralo-class Heavy Cruiser

|| Overview
The first Vanguard of the SRF's Peacekeeping fleet, Seralo-class MKI Heavy Cruisers embody the Senlani's defensive doctrine to the fullest extent possible. Although classified as a Heavy Cruiser, Seralo-class warships are extremely fast for their class: designed by the SRFDF for fast interdiction of capital and super-capital class warships that threaten the Senlani homeworlds. She was built from necessity under the looming shadow and constant threat of a Tyandirr invasion of the Sector Rim Nebula, skilfully and expertly crafted by the best Senlani draughtsman to stand as a stalwart bastion to their way of life.

Armed with a primary battery of High-Velocity Magneto-Plasma cannons on fast-tracking automated turrets, Seralo-class possess heavy firepower; able to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful enemy warships, while remaining fast and versatile to adapt to any developing situation.

As the backbone of the SRFDF, these warships are a common sight in Senlani space, patrolling both the inner and outer sectors under the watchful eye of the Defence Fleet, maintaining peace and order through force if necessary. As part of the SRF's commitment to the Vuljcyon-lead Six Trade Alliance, the SRFDF operates Seralo-class Heavy Cruisers along with their smaller escorts beyond the Sector Rim Nebula and well into the Deep Red and surrounding territories. However, due to the fragile nature of the relationship between the Senlani and the Tyandirr; SRFDF Task Groups rarely approach the Taran Nebula.

The Seralo MKI Heavy Cruiser was the first in the lineage of Fast Heavy Warships developed by the SRFDF. Newer MKII and MKIII variants have entered service with various enhancements but the MKI remains a reliable powerhouse of the Defence Fleet.

|| Further Details
Seralo-class warships were built around the Senlani naval doctrine of rapid response, with an emphasis on long-range deployment of self-guiding munitions such as Gravimetric Mines. Due to the Gravimetric slipstream drive system the Seralo can reach incredible speeds whilst maintaining the ability to conduct viable combat manoeuvres. As such, the vessel's superstructure is designed to be as light as possible, despite its classification as a 'heavy cruiser', the Seralo-class is very light for its size.

Exact details are unknown to Terran analysists, as the Senlani government doesn't disclose any information on the exact capabilities of their military , however it is believed that the Seralo-class is capable of operating at extremely high real-space velocities approaching more 60% C in a given direction, with the ability to de-accelerate rapidly to make altering course viable in reasonable time frames. SRFDF stand-off (BVR) tactics include using Seralo-class warships to launch mines with gravimetric breaks and self-guidance capabilities based on similar technology to the ship's propulsion. Hundreds of these relatively small Grav Mines can be distributed over a vast area of space on the order of millions of square kilometres, allowing for effective fleet denial. As a method of attack, Seralo-class can use these mines to "dust" hostile fleet formations from Slipstream speed. Such munitions are known to employ Matter-Antimatter payloads for high effective density in an anti-starship capability.

|| IMAGES: (Top) Seralo-class MKII Interceptor Cruiser, (Bottom) MK1 Heavy Cruiser with Gravimetric Mine Payload exposed.

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