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(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser

Stalwart ship-of-the-line of the Old Federal Navy. These heavy cruisers were built to go toe-to-toe with enemy warships in fleet-scale engagements.

Earth and Space
(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser

||Callsign: 'Vengeance' / VENG-CCH-<series>
||Class: Heavy Cruiser (CCH)
||Role: Ship-of-the-line
||Mass (approx): 418,200 T (S1, S2), 423,600 T (S3), 439,250 T (S3C)
||Length: 988 M
||Crew: Up to 570 enlisted personnel, 50 commissioned officers and up to 20 bridge staff and up to 75 Federal Marines (S1), up to 600 enlisted personnel, 50 commissioned officers and up to 20 bridge staff and up to 100 Federal Marines (S3), up to 680 enlisted personnel, 50 commissioned officers and up to 20 bridge staff and up to 90 Federal Marines (S3C)
||Max Speed (Impulse Cruise): 1290 m/s (S1), 1425 m/s (S2, S3, S3C)
||Max Speed (Hyper Cruise): 1,030 Km/s (S1), >1,200 Km/s (S2, S3, S3C)
||Max Range (JDA): 1-2 Parsec single-phase

Number Built: 293 (as of 4040 A.D)
Operators: UTN Federal Navy (pre-4040 A.D), Terran Loyalist Navy (4042 A.D - 4299), Tiger Sharks Pirates (mixed variants/upgrades as of 4068 A.D), United Aquarian Systems Navy (4299 - 4402 A.D) (phased out in Imperial service by VE-AX and VN-class upgrades)
||Date: 3577 A.D
||Origin: A.R.A.S Shipyards Lorentis
||Variants: S1 (3577 A.D), S2, (3602 A.D), S3 (3618 A.D), S3C (3915 A.D)

||Primary Armour Plating: Tritanium/Citradite Lattice Mesh
||Primary Armour Thickness: =< 6.7M (Main), =< 1.90M (Secondary) =< 0.6M (Tertiary & Pressure)
||Spinal Armament:
S1,2,3: Spinal-mounted Single-barrel 1185mm MA-FIMD Artillery Cannon

S3C: 2x Spinal-mounted Single-barrel 1045mm MA-FIMD Artillery Cannons with 850mm Sub-calibre High-Velocity, Solid-State Anti-Capital ship capability

||Primary Armament:
S1: 2x Triple "A" 805mm (31") MKIV MA-FIMD Turrets

S2: 2xDual "A" 820mm (32") MKIII-A MA-FIMD Turrets

S3: 3x Triple "A" 805mm (31") MKIV MA-FIMD

S3C: 2x "A" DEW-LUX 'Ion Maser Cannon' Turrets

||Secondary Armament:
S1,2,3: 6x Dual "B" 345mm (13.5") MKIV-A MA-FIMD Autocannon Turrets

S3C: 4x Dual "B" 345mm (13.5") MKIV-A MA-FIMD Autocannon Turrets, 2x HAL1-B Laser Cannon Turrets

||Tertiary Armament:
S1,3,3C: 2x 6-launch Hornet S/M/LRM systems (port, starboard bow)

S2: 32-Vertical Launch Hornet S/M/LRM system (midships, foredeck, dorsal)

S3C: Vertical Launch Hornet 'AD.AS' Missile System (stern, dorsal).

||Shielding: - 4x MOD6/7 HSG-6/7 Shield Generators (S1, S2) 4x MOD8 HSG-8 (S3, S3C)
Sensors: Bow-mounted Broad-spectrum array. Mast-mounted BSA/Fleet-Fire Control System. Midships Port/starboard BSAs. (S1,2,3) Stern upper-midships Mast for Parallax Fire Control System. (S3C)
||Propulsion: Stern Central Helium-Fusion Plasma Impulse Reactive Drive system with auxiliary / cruise assistance units. Bow-mounted Impulse Thrusters for lateral movement / deacceleration. Port/starboard mid-ships, ventral mounted lateral thrusters for atmospheric stabilisation / low orbit control.
S1, S2:
Four Rockal-Jasper N880-P 1250MW Internal Fusion Reactors (Primary), two Troidan Industries G237 550MW Internal Fusion Reactors (secondary)
Main powerplant upgraded to five Rockal-Jasper N885-A 1400MW Internal Fusion Reactors (Primary), secondary powerplant upgraded to Troidan Industries G248 850MW Internal Fusion Reactors (secondary)
Main Powerplant upgraded to two ArgunMK-VCL 'Spiris-L' 2000 MW Internal Helium-Barycentric Cold Internal Fusion Reactors, secondary powerplant doubled to four TI G248 IFRs.

Vengeance was the smallest class in the Old Federal Navy to use "A"-type turret mounts Notable on S1 and S2, ventral bow, and dorsal stern. S3 added additional mounts for increased firepower. The Vengeance-S3 had a reputation as a 'brawler' in the fleet, reasonably fast, strong armour protection, powerful shields and heavy firepower. All while being reasonably compact. As such, Vengeance-class cruisers were often used to enter 'Melee' range with opposing capital ships in a harassment tactic, while larger Endeavour-class vessels used their targeting computers to fire their main batteries from stand-off range.

Perhaps one of the most iconic ships in the fleet, the Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser served in every major conflict in the Old Federation's history, earning itself a reputation as a reliable and powerful workhorse. Vengeance-class Heavy Cruisers proved their worth during the Radacri Wars, which ultimately lead to the Fall of the UTN in 4040 A.D. This stalwart ship of the line fought valiantly, holding the Federal Navy's lines against impossible odds. Though many ships were lost, the battle-tested class is one of the few ships to see such punishing conflict and receive updates to address any short-comings.

Along with its heavier brother the Endeavour-class Battlecruiser, these warships have gone on to serve in the militaries of Aquarian humans for millennia, seeing upgrades and enhancements to keep the ship relevant on the modern battlefield of space. The most recent development of this hull design is the VN-class Heavy Cruiser in use by the Aquarian Terran Imperial States' Navy, almost some thousand years after the original Vengeance-class hull was first laid down in Aquarius. As such, Vengeance-class is often considered, along with Endeavours, to be the most famous human space-faring warship of all time.

||Notes on Armour Plating:
The large, sloping panels typical of UTN ship design in the 2nd and 3rd millennium are the primary armoured belts. they are sloped to provide increased protection without adding to mass, and consist of a sandwich of Tritanium-composite with various alloys, and usually a depleted uranium or depleted citadrite (on later models) lattice/mesh under the external plating. The surface was coated with a reflective prism-like crystal lining to disperse laser-based weapons, while the sub-surface was a ceramic ablative, which disrupted plasma and laser beams after penetration; the heat from these weapons would melt the ablative lining and the resultant cloud of material would disrupt the beam significantly reducing damage for a short period of time.

Between the Pressure Hull and Plating, there is a Vacuum zone with a hydraulic suspension to absorb kinetic impacts and minimise shockwaves to the pressurised compartments of the warship. Adaptive Harmonic shielding systems prioritised areas of the ship not protected by strong armour belts, such as the distinctive 'conning tower'

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(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser
(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser
(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser
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