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(ATIS) SI410-C2 'Fortress' Self-Contained Shield Modulator

Upgraded Self-contained capital ship shield modulator based on the reliable SI402-C1 'Barricade' design. 'Fortress' units incorporate a multitude of enhancements to the internal field dispersion system and uses a re-distributed Polarytic Catalyst Radiator to allow for additional array-links for larger shield banks, along with a vastly improved individual SU output at similar power levels and only slightly increased mass compared to the C1 variant. The only drawback is increased cost of manufacturing.

(ATIS) SI410-C2 'Fortress' Self-Contained Shield Modulator

|| CODENAME: Fortress
|| TYPE: Shield Generator / Modulator
|| CLASS: C-Type (Capital)
|| DATE: 4410 A.D
|| MASS: 495 T
|| POWER: 0.7- 1.4GW
|| OUTPUT: 152,000 SU
|| OPERATORS: Aquarian Imperial Navy
|| COST: ~125M ICr

|| Details:
Upgrades for the standardised SI402-C1 Shield Generator, itself based on centuries-old designs introduced by the Old Federation and used extensively by the New Federation, were already in the pipeline when the 'Barricade' was finalised for Imperial service. It became clear that increasing the output efficiency of an already highly refined technology would require increasingly more complex manufacturing methods using more and more rare elements such as X-1 Polaryte; driving up cost of production significantly. It was for this reason that production of the 'Barricade' system was not halted when the second generation C2 revision entered limited production. Introduced in 4410 A.D, the 'Fortress' increases shield integrity before collapse by almost 50% within similar power budgets due to improved power delivery and CTM harmonics. To further enhance protection, 'Fortress' supports more simultaneous links with parallel and redundant units to allow for construction of significantly larger shielding arrays.

By the middle of the 45th century, almost all newly commissioned Battlecruisers of the ED-class utilise SI410-C2 Generators in their primary shield banks, with the older SI402-C1 making up the secondary and auxiliary banks. However, more modern RE-II-class warships have received the C3, third-generation design in large part due to the massively increased budget on military expenditure afforded by the Fleet Re-armament Program.

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