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(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)

Extreme Long-Range Interceptor Missile

(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)
(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)
(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)
(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)
(ATIS) ELRIM (Missile)

||TYPE: Missile
||MAX RANGE: [Data locked]
||MAX SPEED: [Data locked]
||MAX PAYLOAD: [Data locked]
||MAX INERTIA: [Data Locked]

A specialised extreme long-range / beyond visual range missile specifically designed to intercept small, fast-moving threats at cruise speeds at stand-off range. The ELRIM is a dual-stage missile system with a powerful carrier engine which propels the unit to cruise speeds (>10 KM/s) before detaching a smaller seeker submunition with a short-range but high agility impulse engine. After detachment, the seeker is able to use the initial momentum to intercept the target course at cruise speeds.

Due to the emphasis on interception of small craft in cruise, ELRIM carries a relatively small payload capacity for a platform of this size (L-class), most of the mass of the platform is attributed to the carrier unit due to the extreme speed and range required.

ELRIM is designed to be launched from the DF430/1 Dragon/Cranefly platform and is primarily employed by the Aquarian Imperial Navy from these craft in an anti-bomber / interceptor role. Due to the extreme range and speed, ELRIM is also effective at intercepting and destroying fast-moving long range anti-ship missiles.

The missile carrier unit is equipped with extensive on-board electronics and sensor equipment; including a dedicated SDD Array for independent ELR target acquisition and tracking. Due to this, the carrier unit is able to be collected after successfully deploying the submunition, if acceptable to do so, for re-use. Alternatively, it can be self-destructed if necessary to prevent its capture. Later variants of ELRIM carrier platforms have a self-return system allowing the unit to return to the launch craft after successfully deployment.

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