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Great Maikors

Great Maikors

An unknowable entity or entities that existed over ten billion years prior to human arrival in Aquarius. Widely believed in Terran Archaexenology, from ancient Aurc Scriptures to be responsible for the creation of the universe. There is no universally agreed on theory concerning the Great Maikors.

||Conjecture based on interpretations of Ancient Aurc Scriptures and Artefacts discovered by the Old Federation:

The Dreadnoughts are autonomous machines left behind by the Great Maikors themselves. A race of Pure Energy, able to manipulate the fabric of reality with mere thoughts. According to Aurc Scripture they created the universe from a culmination of combined energy that has developed from the decay of entropy of infinite universes before. It's told that the Great Maikors oversee the cycle of creation, but Terran Archaexenologists know very little in the subject other than interpretation of tablets and artefacts from Aurc Temples across Aquarius. Their belief is that the Great Maikors created this universe, to exert a great dominion over it, for 3 billion years after the beginning of time. But there are missing pieces of the scriptures, as far as Terran scholars can gather, the Great Maikors thought into existence an Anti-god known to the Aurc as "Scourge". It was the opposite of all energy, a manifestation of Evil powered by the very thoughts and dreams of beings so powerful they could will out of existence an entire galaxy in the blink of an eye.

So the Great Maikors retreated into what is known as the Infinite Void and left behind caretakers of autonomous nature to shape their creations into a haven for primitive life. With the Maikors gone, the scourge disappeared and the Aurc were born in the Old Times.

||Excerpt from United Kingdom-1 Scientific Database:

"How do you Rationalize a God?"

This question sparked waves of discussion within Academic Circles upon the Discovery of "UK1 Experimental Cruiser Sunrise" as it was officially registered. The inactive Maikor Sunrise Dreadnought that was found, powerless, but in a perfect, distant orbit around an empty world, calculated to milimeter precision to effectively never decay until the star itself ceased to be.

The discovery of the vessel sparked a Technological Surge in available systems, resulting in an entirely new (And to this day: Still not entirely understood) method of FTL Travel, advances in Metallurgy, Energy Transmission and Creation.

It also brought with it a jump in Weapons Technology, one that has been the reason for UK ships dominance in most conflicts since.

Ultimately; Little is known of the Maikors. There are a few whom have had closer encounters than most, but no amount of questioning or other actions has ever gotten a clear answer.

All that is known for certain is that they were implausibly powerful beings, not constrained to physical forms or potentially even the known laws of the universe, simply that they Were. Beyond that is subject to endless conjecture, but the ultimate truth may never be known to Humanity, as no "living examples" (Although that term arguably isn't applicable) have ever been found, just mostly inactive vessels drifting in space, and rarely debris from the same.

Occasionally active vessels are seen, although no vessel has ever managed to approach one and report back, so the offical warning is to steer well clear and even leave system given the opportunity.

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