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Archive FAQ/Credits

|| FAQ and Credits for the Eridonia Archives and the Science Fiction Universe it is based on.

Q: Who is responsible for this Archive and Universe?

A: Ashley Webb (me) and my long time childhood friend Alex Lee. We went to school together and this universe started as a Role-Playing game focused on Space Adventure and Mystery, to which we re-enacted with models made from LEGO. We had so many adventures over the years, and the Universe eventually evolved to an online RP and then into what you see here.

While the Eridonia Archives is my creation, and a large portion of the entries are from my perspective, many of the ideas that make up the fundamental basis for the universe were jointly created by both of us. So I can't take full credit for the Universe, though most of the happening in Aquarius since the Exodus have been of my own creation - as Alex's faction left Aquarius long ago, to which he is developing his own branch of the story. We are working to bring them together for an epic story.

You can find Alex's take on the various subjects and entries by looking for the "Exerpts from the United Kingdom-1 Scientific Database" on subjects relevant to them!

Q: I see some similarities with a game, movie or another universe!

A: That is likely. While we do not directly "rip" ideas from any other Universe, we have taken lots of inspiration from many well known games, movies or books. I'm a huge fan of science fiction, so I like to consider my ideas as a melting pot of inspiration from a myriad collection of epic adventures in other universes, all melted together and twisted by my imagination. I'm sure Alex will agree with this notion.

I will give a special nod to the game "Freelancer", to which I based some of the ideas of the Exodus from Earth.

Q: Is there a way for me to join your universe, or Role Play with you?

A: While I won't rule it out, we aren't really looking for new participants in the Role Play as it complicates things and makes unifiying the timeline somewhat difficult. Since this is a personal adventure between two childhood friends that I decided to share it pubIicly, I will say that at this time the answer is no. Sorry!

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