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|| This is where I list information on hardware that AW has owned at some point. Examples such as Graphics Cards (GPUs) and CPUs. AW updates this often with corrections and new additions. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of products, it is just what AW has owned at some point.

Please note all listed profiles are based on Reference-spec, not including any factory overclocks, even if AW only owned the factory overclocked versions. This is just to keep everything as standard when released by the manufacturer.

Most die shots credit goes to Fritzchens Fritz, you should check out their Flickr Page for excellent high quality, high resolution images of all kinds of semi-conductors and integrated circuits.

While many pictures are AW's some of the circuit board pictures (the more professional looking ones) are from TechPowerUp reviews. You should check them out for detailed circuit analysis.

Hardware Profiles Database >>>

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