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Dialogue is always open and is often the quickest and most civil way to resolve any potential issues. Please contact the website owner via [] describing your issue and pre-fix the 'name' field with '[LEGAL]'. You should receive a reply within 48 hours

Usage of AW's (Asha Webb's) Content

Content created by Ashley is categorised into two types.


All photographs taken by Asha and hosted on this website (unless otherwise stated) are in the public domain and are available to use without credit.

Images I create

Images and content created by Asha (such as 3D models, logos, etc) are available to use if Asha Webb / Ashley Webb is accredited and a link to this website is provided.

Privacy Policy

It is not the intention of this website nor its owner to track and store analytical data about your visit. However, the website provider service collects information about you, and how you visit this website that is beyond the owner's control. As such, is it  advisable to use a blocking addon for popular browsers such as 'Ublock Origin':

The data that is collected includes your rough geographical location (country associated with your ISP/IP address), and how you interacted with this website, including which pages you have viewed, for how long, where you came from before arriving at this website, etc.

This notice serves to tell you about the data collected if you accept the non-essential cookies on the banner on your first visit. A summary as follows:

  • It tracks where you came to this website from (i.e google, or a link in Twitter);

  • It tracks the country of origin of the request to access this website;

  • It tracks which pages you viewed and for how long.

This notice serves to tell you about the data collected if you accept the essential cookies on the banner on your first visit:

  • Some of the functions of this website such as the Log In option need to use a cookie on your computer to function properly. If you are a site member, you will need to allow basic cookies to be stored on your computer for this website (i.e, login system) to function. If you block those cookies, the website may not work as intended and you may not be able to log in. 

In Summary, my website specifically, doesn't collect your data to sell, provide to third parties, or otherwise do anything with it. I have no interest in analytics, and I run this website personally. However, my provider, WIX Hosting services, collects the data listed above in the "non essential" cookies section via my website. That data is used for analytical purposes as listed above. It is stored on Wix's servers and is beyond my control. As I cannot prevent that yet, I advise you use an ad-blocker or blocker addon for your browser that blocks data collection.

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