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|| Animated Videos depicting events in the Archives.

|| Reborn: The Price of Freedom (4495 A.D)

|| A Legend of the Old Federation receives a communication from the very heart of Imperial Aquarius. The 'Lost Shadow' meets with an influential figure to discuss a common future, but at what cost?

|| Episode 1 >>>

|| Episode 2 >>>

|| Episode 3 Pt. 1 >>>

|| Episode 3 Pt. 2 >>>



|| Helia: Routine Patrol (4501 A.D)

|| A routine patrol by the Helian Planetary Defence Forces on the arid mining world of Helia-1, in the Helia System, Angel Reach, becomes more complicated as roaming native tribes become more and more aggressive. The series follows a Tank Commander of the HPDF as they conduct sorties near a mining base on the surface. Ultimately, the 'nomad' attacks may be a veil for something much more sinister.

|| Episode 1 >>>

|| Episode 2 >>>

|| Episode 3 >>>

|| Episode 4 >>>

|| Ruins of Eridonia (4521 A.D)

|| In 4040 A.D, after nearly 30 years of brutal war against an undefeatable alien onslaught, the Old Federation was devastated by a mysterious energy shockwave propagating through Subspace across the Aquarius Cluster. The origin of the blast wave was never ascertained, some believe it was a shockwave from a tear in space itself caused by the Hammer of Aquarius, others that it was an alien Super Weapon used in retaliation against it. What is known, however, is that the myriad worlds of the Old Federation were reduced to irradiated, crumbling ruins. Perhaps the most devastating of all, the former capital world of Eridonia; once the heart of Aquarian Civilisation and the seat of power of the Unified Terran Nations.


Now, the world is little more than a planet-wide ruin, a testament to humanity's fragility among the stars. The descendants of the Aquarian Government, now flying an Imperial Flag under ATIS, comb the ruins searching for clues and relics that might contain information pertaining to the mysterious event, and perhaps the key to wielding its power. But there is more below the Tiered Ruins than first meets the eye...

|| Episode 1 >>>

|| Episode 2 >>>

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