|| eria.faq

|| This page is intended to address potential questions from visitors to this website.

|| Question: Who are you?

|| Answer: View basic information about this website and its owner. [AW.about].

|| Question: Is this website officially associated with any person or entity other than you, a private individual?

|| Answer: No.

|| Question: Is your content regarding microprocessors guaranteed to be completely accurate at all times?

|| Answer: No. The information is provided to the best of AW's knowledge at the time. Always do your own research.

|| Question: Can I contact the website owner.

|| Answer: Yes. Request Contact. [AW.contact].

|| Question: How long would it take the website owner to respond to a contact request?

|| Answer: Variable. If the request solicits a reply and is important in nature (i.e, legal such as copyright), a reply should be expected within 48 hours. Other requests, including those social in nature are not guaranteed to receive a reply. Non-serious requests will be discarded and will not receive a reply.

|| Question: Are there adverts on this website?

|| Answer: No. 

|| Question: How is this website funded?

|| Answer: Privately.

|| Question: I have a problem with this website, or something posted on it (such as copyrighted material) how can I resolve it?

|| Answer: Dialogue is always open and is often the quickest and most civil way to resolve any potential issues. Please contact the website owner describing your issue and pre-fix the 'name' field with '[LEGAL]'. You should receive a reply within 48 hours.