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(28th June) Celebrate Constitution Day of the democratic and free, sovereign nation of Ukraine.

28 years ago, today, in 1996, the Constitution of Ukraine was officially signed. Ukraine is a free, independent and sovereign democratic nation state that decides its own future and path going forward.

Ukraine has an ancient and proud history and culture, that dates back far before 1996, and far before the russian federation even existed (and even before any form of russian state). When the soviet union rose to power after World War 1, Ukraine was absorbed into its oppressive grip and the Ukrainian people endured the Holodomor; the barbaric genocide of Ukrainian people by the war criminal stalin. During World War 2, the Ukrainians endured nazi war crimes and further suffered under the soviet union, lasting up until the soviet union collapsed in 1991.
Ukraine isn't "splitting from russia", as russia might try to lie, it is simply restoring its own independence and freedom from russian brutality over the years, like before the soviet union/russia even existed.

In 2014, the Ukrainian people solidified their choice of freedom from russian corruption and hostile influence, in the Euromaidan Protests. The russian criminal state responded by begining its war against Ukraine, with the illegal annexation of Crimea and Donbas. These regions will never be part of russia, they are rightfully Ukrainian land, and always will be.

In 2022, the russian criminal state launched a full-scale illegal invasion of the country of Ukraine, violating its internationally recognised borders and breaching international law. This was a major escalation of a conflict that started in 2014 after the Ukrainians chose their free future in the Euromaidan Protests. Despite their claim that they would "take Kyiv in 3 days", the russian military has been utterly repulsed by the stalwart defence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, losing thousands of armoured vehicles and hundreds of thousands of troops to gain essentially no land since its first invasion in 2014.

Today, the Ukrainians hold the line against russia's brutal onslaught, with the help of other free, democratic countries, Ukraine will win this war and join the civilised world in her rightful place, free from russian corruption and authoritarianism.

Glory to Ukraine!


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