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An update. (Updated lol)

Update: Screw everyone who attacked and upset me. I'm making my video series and that's it. I have a cool new idea for an Immersive Play through to showcase the Ray Tracing. My first video in this series can be found here.

So I did some videos where I was talking, and while I very much enjoyed giving my thoughts on gameplay elements and graphics, especially in Metro Exodus, with Ray Tracing, I feel now that my anxiety has once again beaten me and these will now stop. At least for now.

I will be perfectly honest. I've deleted my "Disqus" account, I've closed my "Twitter" account and I am going to vet my videos on my "YouTube" channel before I release any publicly. Basically, I have been attacked, insulted, accused of being a liar, and even a "Paid shill".

One of the many attacks I recieved whilst on Disqus (on

All of this for expressing my interest and passion in graphics technology, and saying how I feel. I was also told exactly what sort of performance I would get with Ray Tracing enabled, on my RTX 2060 Super, by people who almost certainly don't own the hardware or even play the games. From playing Metro Exodus myself with the Ray Tracing, the performance is great and I am pleased with it. But without further ado, I won't continue to justify myself on the internet, I will let the results speak for themselves so that it what I intend to do.

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