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Cryptocurrency 'miners' are disgusting.

And no, this rant post isn't because I'm 'mad' that I 'can't buy a Gayming GPU'. In fact, it's got nothing to do with gaming at all. It's got to do with the monumental waste of computing resources and energy that 'mining' cryptocurrency represents.

Take this guy, for example. Sat on his Facebook page preaching about the 'Next Industrial Age'; yet this human being has absolutely no vision or principles on the impact of 'mining' fake money on such a scale will have on the environment and the moral question of selfish greed thrown in, when such computing hardware could be used to perform actual, objectively valuable work.

In fact, it absolutely disgusts me to the core, when I think about the compute power in that abomination of technology he created: each GeForce RTX 3080 can execute around 30 Trillion 32-bit math operations per second, at peak. It's theoretical, so it'll be a bit under that, but let's use that best-case figure for this comparison to drive home my point.

He has 78 of those, so that is 2.3 Quadrillion (2,300 Trillion) math operations per second at about 23 KWh - literally all for useless calculations that have absolutely no quantifiable, objective value.

But they make money! Sure, but the monetary value is based on an arbitrary and highly volatile demand for the 'coin', and such value is not objective, it is all based on how much money the 'economy' is willing to put into each 'coin' generate by those objectively useless calculations.

Selfish greed manifests itself everywhere you look, and unfortunately many human beings lack the long-term vision to see around these concepts. If this person encourages people to do the same, the energy usage for that selfish-greed will place more demand on power grids, which burn most fossil fuels (especially in the US, thanks to Trumpet) - having a negative effect on the environment and emissions of the general population - all for some made-up arbitrary valued non-existent currency that may, or may not allow you to buy more material possessions to justify your materialistic, consumerist existence.

I don't expect most people to understand my point, but I wanted to get it out anyway. I am even open to compromise, because there is potential here for 'mining' to exploited for a result that not only produces the money these people seek, but also objectively valuable results.

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