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GPU Profile Updates: Clarity on Advanced Geometry Shading + Mesh Shaders

A small update. Previously, I classifed both DX12 Mesh Shaders and Navi's hardware-level primitive shader triangle culling capability under the same category of "Advanced Geometry Shading". While I stand by the classification as correct, for clarity I am seperating the two points into this:

For RX 590 (example):

Adv. Geometry shading: No

Adv. Geometry shading (Programmable/DX12 Mesh Shaders): No

For RX 5500 XT (example):

Adv. Geometry shading: Yes (Primitive Shader Triangle Culling)

Adv. Geometry shading (Programmable/DX12 Mesh Shaders): No

For RTX 2060 SUPER (example):

Adv. Geometry shading: Yes (Mesh Shading)

Adv. Geometry shading (Programmable/DX12 Mesh Shaders): Yes

This is for clarity, as to prevent people from thinking that Navi actually has DX12 Mesh Shaders support, which it doesn't. It still has a form of advanced geometry shading, but it's hardware level and doesn't provide that feature in the API (as far as I know).

Additionally, at some point, I will be making the Hardware Profiles section a Dynamic Web Page like the Starship Database over in the Eridonia Archives section, but I procrastinate like a True Master so don't expect it soon.

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