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How to enjoy War Thunder: Radical Acceptance.

In this series, I work on a psychological approach to playing War Thunder and not being angry with it. That approach is called Radical Acceptance. This is something I learned about briefly with my therapist for BPD when I was having those sessions.

The premise of this approach is as follows;

  • You understand the game is going to be frustrating (economy grind, insta-kills, overpowered mechanics and exploited meta). You acknowledge this and are mentally prepared for it to happen.

  • You understand that there isn't a lot you can change about that fact but are willingly engaging in the game and must accept those things are going to happen, while enjoying the bits you do like.

For me, in War Thunder, much of the frustration of War Thunder comes from the "Carrot dangling in front of you only to be unfairly snatched at the last minute" concept in PvP games and the fact that higher tier games you often can't make a profit with in-game money because of repair costs.

If I accept that I am going to get insta-killed from across the map by a Helicopter ATGM that I can't counter at all in any capacity, and when that happens; I accept it as inevitable, accept the fact that even if I make a loss on the game match, it's just a game and I can put it down at any time and my life doesn't change; that is the key to enjoying War Thunder's good parts. And there are good parts, otherwise I wouldn't be taking the effort to create this series.

I will post videos here when I record them. I made one already, which is on my YouTube channel but I forgot to reduce the volume of the game and you can't hear me speak. Oh well.

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