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I killed two motherboards the exact same way. This needs to change.

I'm really sad. My MSI B450M and B350M Mortar motherboards have both succumbed to my constant fiddling and messing. In both cases, one of the DIMM slots is damaged and the system no longer boots if that slot is occupied. On the B350M, I worked around this by using the non prefered slots but the RAM is unstable anything over 2400 MHz - even with kits I know for a fact run at 3200 MHz on my other systems.

It was "funny" because when my B450M was on, I was messing with the CPU fan and I nudged the DIMM slot very slightly and the PC gave a BSOD. So the slot wiring is obviously loose or damaged and I got so upset. This is because I constantly swap components, cases, RAM, CPU, GPU, everything. All of the time. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

Over the year/months this has taken its toll on the non metal-reinforced DIMM slots. I will need to replace both motherboards soon, because my I had to nick my mum's motherboard for my secondary PC (I need this for renders when I am creating "content"). So mum and the downstairs R5 3400G PC are out of commission until I can get a motherboard for both of them. Sigh.

Stop it, Ashley. Just stop fiddling with your goddamn computers. The Radeon VII Died this way, too. The list gets longer.

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