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I'm making a Mod for Fallout 3.

I picked it up like I never stopped. There isn't much I'll talk myself up for in life, but Modding Fallout 3 is definitely something I'm really good at. I am going to realise my universe in a playable experience, total-conversion mod for Fallout 3. It's not really open-world, more of a linear progression interior storyline set on a space station, with some free-roaming/exploration elements.

I've already completed the first (albeit very small) area. So I'm potentially not going to be very active with other gaming videos for a while; I've essentially dropped everything (Including Warframe D: ) to work on this mod.

The first Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha test pack is ready anyway. I'm actually looking for mod testers to bash the shit out of it and help me crush any and all bugs/issues. But, there's too many people to ask and people scare me. So I will have to ask my one friend.

You know who you are. :3

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