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(IIWII) I no longer trust Kaspersky Internet Security.

It's a shame because the product is really good, it's done an amazing job for my home network, including mine and mother's mobile phones with Android for a long time. But, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the spectre of links to the Russian Government looming in my mind, the deal is now finally sealed and I am removing Kaspersky software from my network, including routing through the systems for hidden/leftover parts potentially left behind (I am paranoid).

I will return to Kaspersky Internet Security as a paying customer that I have been for many years, only if the Russian Federation and/or its people remove Putin and his government from office and his replacement actually cares about human rights, freedoms and the importance of democracy. No, this post is not political, it's about the future of human civilisation. I want to make that known on my "Posts & Articles" section.

Sorry Kaspersky, your product is genuinely good. This is not about the quality of the service or the product. I think you know that.

I don't hate Russia or her people, but I do hate Vladimir Putin and his criminal government.

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