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Lasted a bit longer this time.

But I knew it wouldn't last, because it never does. "Social Media", world news, politics, Intel. All the things I really can fucking do without. Always depressing, I hate people, I hate politcs, etc, so on and so forth.

My way of thinking is I will remain in my bubble until such a time that it is burst, and then if I can't make a new bubble, then, well. Let's just say I won't be around too long after that.

I removed all my 'friends' from all "Social Platforms" - every one of them. For their sake or mine. My frequent mood swings and unstable emotional situation causes issues. Unstable emotions caused by the constant bottling of repressed emotions that I simply can't let go of, including Hate - that are slowly consuming me from the inside out, turning me into a bitter, resentful husk. Not even the one person who is close to me wishes to help me let go of that hate and resentment. Each day that passes it grows and festers.

These days I vent it out towards Intel, and current political affairs. Well shit, I said once I would never put political topics on my website. I plan to stick to that. Anyway, Intel deserves all of my hate but it doesn't originate from them.

Buf if anyone's reading this: You're an [REDACTED] Lovely person and I love you :3. And there's nothing you can do about it, because if even if my website gets taken down and you kill me, I would die [REDACTED] Loving you. So there's that.

You know, depression sucks. I've tackled with this affliction for a long, long time. It dawned on me a while back this isn't just some clinical chemical imbalance for me. It's deeper than that, it's pure, unfiltered Hate. Towards the world, knowing there's absolutely nothing I can do. At least I can get some relief in knowing that my world would be righteous and just.

F**** You.

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