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(Mini Rant with Video) Nvidia has better drivers!

Calm your jimmies, Warriors of AMD, it's sarcasm.

About 20% of the time when I open a video folder on my PC In Adobe Premiere Rush, Nvidia's driver falls over so hard the PC either locks up for ~5 minutes then eventually recovers, or gives a BSOD pointing to Nvidia's Driver / Windows Kernel system files.

Driver 465.89 "Game Ready". Also happens on all of the 461~ branch "Studio" drivers which were meant for this sort of use-case. I am certain it's not hardware as this system hasn't any other issues at all, has computed 24/7 with FAH, WCG, not a blip out of it, not to mention 4K gaming.

Something to do with Adobe/Windows/Nvidia not agreeing on something in software I guess. Thought it might be to do with the my dual monitor set up where I have a second monitor (TV) connected but disabled unless I use it. Switching between those has caused Nvidia's drivers to shat itself before, mind you.

This is RX 5000-level bullshittery.


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