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Overclocking Radeon R9 290X On Liquid in Warframe

I really enjoyed this. I might do this for my R9 280X and R9 380X also. See how far I can push those cards too. And maybe the GTX 770 also :3 By the way, you can check out my Hardware Profile for this legendary card and GPU here.

Yay! Overclocking!

Just don't expect an "RX 5700 overclocked in Warframe" video any time soon. I don't touch my main PC thanks! Everything runs super fast and quiet/efficient at stock and I intend to leave it that way. Thanks for understanding!

Anyway here is my video. The music I used in the windows menu scenes is a track called "Dreams" from Bensound, you can find it here:

The thumbnail for this video is hilariously relevant for "Hawaii" (it's a Volcano Island!) Oh, and it can use quite a bit of power. Though it didn't use as much as I thought. At least according to my Wall Meter.


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