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Random Warframe Videos: I upload a lot of these so I am calling them that. IGNIS!

Okay so I started making a whole bunch of Warframe videos on my YouTube channel, and I am calling them part of the "Random Warframe Videos" series, because they are not really based on anything in particular. That way, you will know that it's just a random video about Warframe. I will also, obviously, put in the title what that particular random video is about.

Here is my latest one, I am using IGNIS META, that's a flamethrower and it's really fun to use. It's not actually called IGNIS META, just Ignis, (actually I am using the Ignis Wraith, but still).

I put a focus lens on it, and all my other gear, so I am just farming focus in this video I guess. I was playing with a new player, and they actually did really well. (They told me they were new after the match, I like helping new players, they are the game's future). Anyway, they went up against level 60+ mobs and towards the end even my "Endgame" (lol) build Valkyr Prime with 4000+ Armour (with Warcry) and 1250 HP (I'm using maxed Umbral set on her) was feeling the heat. She's pretty damn tanky as a result, but yeah. Anyway this new player was using Oberon and did really damn well.

Here's my video. I'm afraid you will just have to accept YouTube's brutal compression, since I am going to be recording at 1080p native now. I set it to 30 FPS for a smaller file size. Otherwise the statistics are on the On-Screen Display.

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