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(Rant) F*** AMD, seriously.

I needed to make this post. Because I am really pissed off for other reasons and I wanted to make a post on how shitty AMD is as a company these days. So I'll break this shit down into some bullet points and maybe type some shit about each one.

What the FUCK is the 6500 XT?

Do I even need to explain this shit? This is just an absolute fucking insult to PC gaming and at the "MSRP" (LOL) of 200 USD, this card was supposed to replace legends like RX 580 with 8GB and RX 570 which was even cheaper. No, just no. "Cost cutting to hit the price point", yeah as if AMD was really cutting the margins thin with this trash, the entire premise of 6500 XT was to milk as much money out of desktop gamer idiots as possible. This card is a disgrace at 200 USD and I hate AMD for it.

Prices going up, so fix your shit.

CPUs are good (I am not insulting the engineers), prices are fucked up, and you still won't fix your broken shit that affects premium processors that cost huge amounts of money. Zen3 price increase just proves AMD doesn't give a fuck about the consumer (Duh, no SHIT). But if you wanna be the premium brand, fix your goddamn shit.

Where the FUCK is 3rd gen Threadripper?

Oh yeah, you're stagnating it because you can sell more expensive chips to OEMs who pay out of their anuses, fuck the average consumer who can't even get a single wafer of dies for a 3rd gen TR, because there's no competition so STAGNATION!

TBH this entire post was just because I hate the 6500 XT so much and I thought of a bunch of other shit that pissed me off so I added it. Stupid Sash for saying how great AMD was back in 2018 when I was able to get such value in computing, but that was just because AMD was weak. DUH, it's a privately traded company and is just the same scum as every other capitalist, greed-driven "innovator" of technology in the fucking world.

Well, I ain't giving Ryzen/Radeon the special treatment anymore. NVIDIA GPU is basically my sole choice now because CUDA and not-shit Ray Trace performance. Screw you AMD.

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