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(Real world) There are two outcomes for Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, both suck for Russia

This is an opinion post.

There are only two possible outcomes that I see for Russia after Putin's government decided they would invade Ukraine. Both of these outcomes are pretty shitty for them, and one of them, is pretty shitty for the entire world. Putin's microscopic penis would likely mean he is too "proud" to admit he made a mistake and withdraw from Ukraine and start peace talks. He's a Soviet Asshole and his government are criminals. So here's how I think this will end.

Economic destruction

If Russia continues its aggression and doesn't escalate beyond Ukraine, and the west doesn't either, Russia faces completely and utter economic destruction as a state. The sanctions applies by essentially the entire world except for China and India and a few other crack-pot nations in the middle east which no one cares about, will destroy Russia's economy, especially its high-tech sector which would be devastating and set the country back decades. China and India might well follow suit unless they want the second option, because they're not coming out of this either.

They won't be able to replace advanced components and their already fragile, frankly pathetic economy will collapse and this sucks, really, because it is the every day Russians who will suffer, not the egomaniac Soviet Asshole in the Kremlin. But it will be what it will be, and I hope the Russian people see what Putin really is and fuck his shit up from the inside.

Total destruction

The second option is what I fear will happen if Putin's tiny penis manifests itself too much; rather than accept he made a mistake or face the economic destruction of Russia and its descent into irrelevancy on the world stage, Putin would escalate the war in Ukraine with nuclear weapons. He might target Ukraine or other countries and this would have a catastrophic effect on the human race, across the globe. One man's arrogance and egomania could result in the deaths of billions and the suffering of even more, for centuries.

In this scenario, Russia as a country would cease to exist. The United States and its allies, NATO, along with potentially even China and India (let's face it, choose your side, if you side with Russia the world will exile you if we survive) launching their nuclear arsenals at Russia in full retaliation for Putin's aggression.

This is not a war that is "won". Everyone loses. I will probably be killed instantly, along with my cats, my family and millions of other British people if London is hit with a high yield nuclear weapon. Oh well; not much I can do about that aside than smile sadistically because I know Putin and Russia are going to hell with me (in a worse way).

But while the rest of the world might survive, Russia will be forever outcasted and Putin will go down in history as a figure resented more than Adolf Hitler, for he would have caused more death and suffering than any monster in human history, combined.

Russia would receive no support after nuclear war, from the survivors. It may even be targeted for occupation by surviving military forces to ensure its despot government is truly destroyed. NATO will suffer hugely, but I think the Free World would prevail ultimately, and Putin would have only caused billions of deaths and the complete and utter eradication of his state and people.


"NATO Expansion"

For the absolute retarded tools that spew that NATO is the aggressor, moving east, might I quickly remind you that countries join NATO willingly, and they had been lining up in droves after the dissolution of the Soviet Union because they feared Russian aggression and sought western protection from it. No one forced any eastern country to join NATO. No one.

NATO isn't perfect. The West isn't perfect. The West lies and exhibits hypocrisy, but compared to the Russian government, I know who's side I'm on.

I, along with essentially every other Western citizen, get to choose who represents me in government, I get to protest and not be arrested, I get to make my voice known without fear of political persecution. And my rights, as a human being, are respected. Can Russians and Chinese say the same?

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