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(Role Play News) The UAS Federal Administration to remain in place under the ATIS Council. 4402 A.D.

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ATIS Councillor Jespan Vokiu made the following statement to the Federal Senate on Lorentis, 16th September, 1 I.T.S, following opposition from anti-centralisation lobbyist groups:

"Under the Aquarian-Terran Imperial State Council (ATIS Council) the United Aquarian Systems, its Federal Administration and the Federal Senate on Lorentis will remain in place and in authority within the Aquarius Cluster. Its responsibility will be to govern domestic affairs, and I will place emphasis on the fact that, it will retain full administrative authority within the home sectors of Aquarius, even in these new, uncertain times."

The Councillor went on to say:

"The Aquarian-Terran Imperial State Council will continue to guide our Great Nation into a future of prosperity and peace for all of our citizens within Aquarius and beyond. The Imperial State is required in these uncertain times, to protect Terran interests: beyond that of which could be achieved with a Federal Democracy hindered by political divides as is often the hallmark of past Human governments. ATIS serves the people to allow a fast response to developing scenarios within and beyond our home of Aquarius.

The rights and freedoms enjoyed by Aquarian Terran Citizens will remain, and the UAS Government will continue to administrate the home sectors. Home security will be improved, our economy will be boosted and our military strengthened, allowing new systems to be brought into the State; creating new opportunities for all citizens.

Rest assured that the ATIS Council has the best interest of every human being in Aquarius, at heart."


The councillor's speech comes after pressure groups, backed by the Coronian government, criticised the ATIS Government for centralising and undermining the Federal Democratic government enjoyed by Aquarius for thousands of cycles.

This represents the biggest change in government in recent history, itself greater than the centralisation of the UAS Federal Government and public involvement of Red Sector Organisation in 4352 A.D, and in stark contrast to then-president Vorian Senlas's decision to 'tighten' control of various liberties and freedoms among the population.

Though the President's decision was met with some opposition, Government Think Tanks have repeatedly claimed that our survival as a species into the 5th Millennium is uncertain, and the chaos of a truly liberal, democratic society will be its downfall.

The FNA will keep you updated as further news comes in.

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