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(Role Play) Origin.

For thousands of years Humanity had exerted a dominance over the world of Terra, Origin... Earth. For thousands of years Humanity had believed it was the dominant species of this world. That was, in fact, a fallacy.

As the Humans of Terra would learn in the 44th century, their origins on Earth were more precarious than previously understood. Earth had indeed been host to their dominion for countless years preceding the Great Exodus, but their origins had been sown elsewhere, and that much would soon become understood by the human inhabitants of Earth, left behind after the Exodus. And Indeed, a truth that would be exposed for Aquarian Humans, returning to their supposed ancestral homeworld after millennia.

If not for the fact that the aggressive, reptilian Tyandirr's reclusive outwardly nature to other species, it may have become known that their own cultural heritage was closer linked to the Terrans than one could have possibly imagined. Deep within Imperium Archives rests Arcrhium Tablets inscribed with sacred writings in a Tyandirr dialect dating back hundreds of thousands of cycles. These writings tell of another race, one to which the Tyandirr know as 'The Ancestors', and it is tied deep within Tyandirr culure to owe their very existence, and dominant position in known space, to the Gift given to them by The Ancestors.

Tyandirr animosity to Terran species like the Senlani and Humanity is no secret. It is a deep-set hatred that dates back before modern records began. The Senlani were almost destroyed by the Tyandirr Second Empire during the Deep Red War, some give thousand cycles before. If not for the intervention of the Vuljcyon Conglomerate and the formation of the Trade Alliance: Senlani civilisation may have been destroyed forever.

Deep within the Senlani Sector Rim Federal Archives rests another clue to the link between the Tyandirr and the Terran races: And indeed, it was this link that the Aquarian Humans and Senlani discovered when they forged their partnership based on stark cultural and biological similarities. The hidden truth being, that neither the Senlani nor Aquarian Humans originated from their believed ancestral homeworlds; neither Ulphrateus nor Earth, but a single, common ancestor that had existed millions of years before.

Earth, as called by Human Beings, had experienced a cataclysmic extinction event some 66 million years before modern times. Human archaeologists would attribute this to a chance asteroid impactor, which would wipe the ancient reptilian creatures that once roamed the earth, away; the Dinosaurs.

Ulphrateus, the homeworld of the Senlani in The Rim Nebula, had itself harboured a cataclysmic even eons before Terran civilisation: a colossal starship wreckage was discovered in the core of the world, dating back millions of cycles. Senlani historical analysis universally agrees their species originated from within this space-faring derelict, and not on Ulphrateus itself.

In order to piece together this puzzle, one must look to the Tyandirr Scriptures that speak of The Ancestors and their plight in Ancient Times. Since the Tyandirr are not so forthcoming with their historical relics, the truth will be hidden from the young Terran Races until they discover it themselves, glaring directly in their face as the Aquarian Humans rediscover Earth, and its fate.

The Ancestors. The Ska'Hirr

The Tablet speaks of a great and proud race of sentient beings that existed in the pre-history age, some 100 million cycles ago. They were known as the Ska'Hirr; or to the Tyandirr, The Ancestors. Modern Tyandirr biology is directly descended from their blood line, after a catastrophic split that occurred approximately 66 million cycles before the current date.

The Ska'Hirr inhabited their homeworld, Origin as custodians of peace and at one with the natural world. A strong spiritual connection to all life that had flourished on Origin was at the heart of their culture and civilisation. The Tablet speaks of great creatures roaming the surface of Origin, in harmony and existing as a natural balance.

Then came the Dark Times. The Scripture speaks of another race, a sentient race from the Stars Above, from the Unknown, that descended upon Origin with a fiery inferno and fury, intent on destroying everything they held dear. To exploit, to consume, to destroy, and leave to die in their wake.

The War of Origin was quick, and lasted only a short period. In this time, the Race that Descended from the Stars unleashed a cataclysmic weapon on Origin, wiping out almost all life on its surface, and destroying the Ancestors' Way of Life. Understanding that they could not defend their Origin, the Ancestors - The Ska'Hirr, burrowed underground into the core of their world, where they would hibernate for millions of years in order to preserve their Way of Life. Perhaps never to return to the surface.

But not all Ska'Hirr wished to retreat into the Core of Origin, some wished to lash out and destroy those who brought devastation and death to their homeworld: Those that refused to hide waged a fierce war on the Race that Descended from the Stars. A war that lasted a thousand cycles but inflicted unthinkable damage on both races. A war that would decide the fate of Origin once and for all.

The Race that Descended from the Stars was reduced to ruin. Forced almost to extinction. Some fled Origin on the mighty space craft they had arrived, and some disappeared into the great forests. Though their exploitation of Origin was stopped, but those Ska'Hirr that had already hibernated refused to re-surface, seeing the destruction of all of nature as the ultimate omen. The remaining Ska'Hirr, although they had prevailed in the Second War, could not face rebuilding Origin, desecrating the graves of their most beloved, and sealing those still in hibernation within, to fate.

Instead, the Warrior Ska'Hirr left Origin, and set out into the stars to find a new place to call home. A new World;. But what they took with them into the stars wasn't the natural harmony of Origin and the Balance of Nature, but aggression. Anger. Hatred and resentment of its destruction at the hands of the Race that Descended from the Stars.

They would forge the First Empire in the Founding Age. They would be known as the Tyandirr.

Their Origin.

Those Descended that were not destroyed by the Warrior Ska'Hirr in the second war of Origin, went into hiding. Unable to sustain a population, they would eventually disappear forever, leaving Origin to heal her wounds. But before they could be silenced forever, they would insert their genetic information into Origin's biosphere, so that they may one day, return.

The Exiles.

In a swift turn of fate, the Descended that left Origin fled into the Hyperspatial Abyss, never to be seen again by descendents of the Ancestors, until more recent history... They were exiled from the world they had claimed for themselves, but they called their new world... Ulphrateus.

In a final twist of fate, and perhaps just, the Descendants on Origin, would once again, be forced to leave the world that was, indeed, never theirs in the first place. And it would be, indeed, the Ska'Hirr that remained at rest within her core that would once again, reclaim Origin.

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