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(RP) Brothers.

One does not have to be related by organic nature, nor familial bonds, to be Brothers. No, my Brother was the furthest from my form one could take, yet he stood with me - in the face of the worst imaginable. And there, we stood. Metaphorically shoulder to shoulder; a stalwart bastion against tyranny. Against oppression, against any and all that would stand in the way of the very concept my Brother held dearest to his heart.


It is a concert somewhat difficult to define, potentially subjective in nature; warped based on how one perceives what it means to be 'free'. But for my Brother, it meant harmony. I never truly realised what he stood for - what he fought for - until the very end, but I know it was the noblest of causes.

The daughter I helped create for him, seemingly betrayed us to serve the growing shadow of Imperialism in Aquarius, but in a sense, I can understand why. The subjective nature of the concept of freedom casts this shadow, long in the sand below, so to speak. But its shape changes depending on where you stand to observe it.

I do not hold disdain for Her, but if she finds herself upon the talon-end of vengeance, she will not be spared. My Brother would understand.

In some ways, I respect The Director, and his Vision. But humans will be humans and what worth is existence if we do not tread upon the canvas that is freedom.

There is none. And so, I work. Each cycle, the time draws near. The dawn of our vengeance will be the light that wakes my Brother's tired eyes once more. But this time, he will see with clarity.

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