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(RP) End of an Era. (4515 A.D)

"Time will take its toll on the mind, the soul. For me, that time has already taken the tithe that I had owed for so long."

- Ronin Kociero, 1961 - 4515 A.D.


With the Pathfinder's loss at the Battle of Corona during the opening stages of the Aquarian Civil War, Ronin Kociero had lost the only place he could call 'home'. While valiantly taking up command of the prestigious pre-fall battlecruiser, Eridonia's Hope, during the siege of Bastion and the subsequent destruction of the colony by the Imperial Navy, Ronin had lost his cause. It was perhaps made even more apparent that the once great captain had almost arrived at his final destination - when his only daughter - betrayed him so personally that it felt as if everything he had fought for had been a façade, for nothing, meaningless.

It would seem, then, that the ways of humanity of the Old Federation died with the Fall. The Ashes of civilisation in Aquarius would not yield a fertile ground for a new, ordered civilisation to rise up, holding dear the virtues the Old Man had held close to him for his three thousand year life.

And so, with his Death, the past was to be laid to rest, and the future was set out head - a path that humanity was now locked into, unable to alter course. For the better, or for the worse? That much would rest only in the metaphorical hands of the powers that be.

Perhaps, those that remember the Old Man, could seek some comfort in the thought that the instigator of this monumental shift in human destiny had recognised his contributions to humanity, but itself had declared that human survival was only possible with a radical new approach to civilisation.

Such approaches would, ultimately, never have been embraced by Ronin Kociero.

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