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(RP) Experimenting with NVIDIA Canvas; ATIS Armour on Helia (rough)(update)

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I spent about 15 minutes on this, with NVIDIA's Canvas application, Paint dot net and with Eyesight renderer. I am pretty impressed by how it turned out, it's imperfect (such as my single-click terrain illumination job under the tank lol), but Canvas should let me create some pretty awesome custom terrain scenes, uh, hopefully it will be able to support 4K or even 8K output files with good fidelity at some point lol.

That said, doing this in real-time maxed out my humble RTX 3050, but I am happy to wait a few seconds for each iteration of the 'AI' drawing the scene, so no issues.

Updated (See second image)

(Updated with more tanks, tank view (not sure about it) and a pair of Gunships)

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