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(RP) SRF Seriphes-class Dreadnought

The Senlani knew that, one day, they would have to fight a full-scale war with the aggressive, warrior-culture of the Tyandirr Third Empire. It was inevitable, as such, the renown Senlani Draughtsman laid down plans for a warship to symbolise the very will of the Sector Rim Federation's stalwart defence. Despite their emphasis on defence and peace-keeping, Seriphes-class Dreadnoughts are often considered some of the most powerful warships in known space - and a reminder that the SRF stands ready to defend the Senlani way of life.

Seriphes-class Dreadnoughts are few in number, but act as the last line of defence of the Sector Rim should the drums of war echo in the distance. Comparable in size and role to the Human UAS/ATIS Retribution-class Dreadnought, Seriphes-class is slightly longer at just over 3.1 Kilometres, but also considerably faster due to the Senlani's advanced slipstream drive technology. The primary armament consists of a quartet of externally mounted Super-Heavy Particle Lance Cannons; each weapon almost the size of an entire frigate-class warship. These weapons represent the Dreadnought's primary stand-off range armament. The extent of their offensive capability is largely unknown to Terran analysts. ATIS Naval Intelligence believes they are similar in capability to the IMPAC A+ Batteries that make up the RT-class dreadnought's main turreted armament.

Due to the fact that Seriphes-class Dreadnoughts are rarely deployed beyond the core systems of the Sector Rim Federation, detailed information on this warship is extremely limited. Due to the deteriorating relationship between the Aquarian Terran Imperial States and the Sector Rim Federation, it is unlikely that humans will ever lay eyes on this vessel in times of peace.

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