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Russia is an imperialistic piece of crap

The invasion of Georgia in 2008 is basically the precursor to the current invasion of Ukraine. After the scummy soviet union collapsed, russia's tiny penis and inferiority complex compelled them to reunite the lost territories of the "Russian Empire" by claiming "RuSsOpHobIa" and "GeNoCiDe" using state backed breakaway regions as the catalyst for those claims, giving the scum a false pretence for a "Peacekeeping mission" which they can spin to look similar somehow, to the variety of similar type conflicts the US has been involved in. Which is a HUGE talking point for russian propagandists.

Russia needs to be dismantled as a country and the various regions handed back to ethnic peoples, the government needs arresting and imprisoning for life and the Russian People given a chance to vote for a government that represents them, not the scum that currently sit in the Kremlin.

Puck Futin.

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