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(Sash in bed) I'm in bed but I wanted to type about how I rearranged my servers neatly.

Yes, I'm in bed. This is actually becoming something of a little mini series in and of itself. Usually I just type whatever comes into my head, but this time I wanted to state that I have completely rearranged my servers into a neat home-made rack mount thing. Here is the brutally compressed picture from my phone.

I routed all the wires neatly, separating data and power, and made sure all the high current power cables from the powersupplies are easily accessible. The entire thing is powered from a single socket outlet with a heavy duty switch to allow for emergency shutdown. There is an electrical fire extinguisher on the shelves, too.

All the fans on servers are arranged rear intake facing the front of the shelves and front exhaust facing the wall with an extractor fan at the back to pull the heat out from any pockets that may build up. The setup is next to the window and an air conditioning unit can cool the entire thing in the summer, but right now it is running in fan mode only.

In case you wanted to know all that. Oh, I also started Folding At Home again. Of course, this bed-blog post wouldn't be complete without a list of all the hardware currently processing.


TR 2950X 16C

R9 3900XT 12C

R9 3900X 12C

R9 3900X 12C

R9 3900X 12C

R7 5800X 8C

R7 PRO 2700X 8C

R5 2600X 6C


RTX 2080 Ti



So there it is. Sasha's SCIENCE! Farm is now (almost...) complete. I would like to upgrade the 2600X (bless his heart!) with yet another 3900X, but that can wait a while. I've finally transformed the precarious stack of computers in the corner of my room into a neatly organised server rack thing and I'm happy.

I'm also tired so I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight my pretend friends. I love you.


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