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(Sash is Positive!) Moving on with my life! Yes!

After serious family events that caused major issues for me, I have decided to move on with my life. I will remove the posts about my family because I no longer care about them. For the record, this is not about my voice being suppressed, it's about not wanting to use my website's hosting services for their bullshit. Furthermore, it removes one of the attack vectors they have against my life - and prevents the Claws from coming out, if you get what I mean. Sash can be a very, VERY angry catboy when he wants to be. Faces can get scratched off, things like that. Something me and my boy, Nugget, have quite in common.

It took a lot of will power to remove the posts in question, but it would prevent my website - my blog, from being jeopardised by my family's misplaced vindictiveness. I will not give these people the time of day anymore! (Especially the morning!)

Hooray for the morning and the Positive Thoughts (even pre-meds, wow, Sash...) it brings! YES!

Meow! :3

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