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Sash's Rigs finally gets and update. Also: Athlon 3000G.

Finally. Didn't update it since last month, so here it is. Just FYI, you can check it out.


Fully updated with my current hardware.

Which brings me to the Athlon 3000G. What a cute, tiny little baby chip? It's so adorable. I can't get over how cute it is. Well, actually, it's not even that small. But hey, it's still cute. It's also almost a square so it's pleasing to my Eye.

I gave my Athlon 200GE (probably the same silicon) to my neighbour for her PC which is great for her use, so I decided to buy another little Zen-based Athlon to mess around with. The 3000G is officially unlocked so it should be fun to tinker with. I am going to do a few gaming videos with this little SoC in some games I play, just for fun, to see how it handles them, including with an OC (Liquid cooled, even). Such a tiny chip should be able to reach some pretty high frequencies, at least I hope so.

Anyway, the motherboard I thought I broke (exposed a trace because my pliers slipped, oops) actually still works because the exposed section was just a ground plane, not an actual circuit trace. Yay. So I'm using that motherboard.


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