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(Sash Thought) Shout out to Gamer's Nexus for raising concerns about LTT/LMG ethics.

I want to make this post to voice my support for Steve at Gamer's Nexus for bringing up this concern about Linus Media Group and the problem when the company focuses on profits over anything else. This is an issue I can't discuss on certain community discords I'm in (completely understandable) due to rules against politics and socio-economic discussion. So, it goes here on my blog.

When a company gets large enough, they cross a threshold where they no longer have to rely on Consumer Goodwill to achieve a good bottom line, they have the ability to "manipulate" the situation in order to achieve maximum profits, at the expense of the public and/or the products they make/create for the public consumption. In this case, the product is data, information and recommendations about products.

I feel the industry needs more ethical-focused outlets in media like GN, simply because they keep large corporations in check and slow down the ominous advance of profit-over-anything mindset of corporatist capitalism which will result in a situation similar to the socio-economic situation in games like Cyberpunk 2077.

So this is a post to say thanks to Steve and Gamer's Nexus for making that video. Respect for removing monetisation on it, too, that shows integrity. Thanks Steve. The PC DIY community NEEDS Gamer's Nexus to stay ethical.

I want to make it clear that I do not agree with Steve at GN on EVERYTHING, because I have my own views on specific things, but I respect him a lot and I genuinely believe he, and the team at GN believe in ethics and truth, obviously, they need money to get the equipment and do the tests, but that is simply to drive the vision they seem to have about making genuine reviews. I respect that. I hope they do very well going forward and don't cross this threshold like LTT has apparently done.

TLDR: I believe Steve's data is accurate, I trust it, but I sometimes disagree with his conclusions (subjective), in past situations. However, I also agree with a lot of what he says. I want to make it clear I am not a "Fanboy" for Gamer's Nexus in any capacity.

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