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Sash Update 21/05/2020: Stress, cores and bargains. And other stuff. Like WCG.

Let me first say I'm typing this on my phone in bed. Because I've just finished playing video games up until this point. I'm saying this because the formatting might be retarded. Or messed up. Or something.

Okay so where do I start? Oh yeah, I'll start by saying I missed my medication one day and it amplified all my issues a hundred times, and long story short I got very depressed and did some things. So now I have to update my blog with those things. Or something to that end.

I've said this before, and I want to say it again; expensive purchases terrify me. They stress me out. Every time I buy something expensive, like a computer component - like my 3950X - it makes me stressed. I don't really know why, maybe because deep down I know I could have spent the money better elsewhere.

I'm on mobile, so I CBA to link the post, but I already had this issue with the 3950X before. This is round two, and this time it's permanent. I sold my 3950X and I'm going to try and be more budget oriented.

For the record, I loved the CPU. It was fast and godlike efficient, but I cannot justify having spent £700 on it, even if it's worth it compared to other 'HEDT' options available. Now that I've got this out I lf the way, I'll say I've replaced the 3950X with something a bit different, and something a whole lot cheaper, ironically.

I got a Threadripper 1920X, which is a 12-core CPU, for £150, off my friend. The CPU is almost brand new, used for a few weeks. I managed to snag an X399 board for about 250 new, to use it in. Sure you're going to say it's an old platform with no upgrade path, which you're wrong because 2990WX is a thing, but anyway: the platform is pretty wedge and I plan to deck it out with GPUs for computing in the relatively near future. Oh, and triple NVMe from the Chungus CPU with more lanes than I have common sense.

Of course, I'm using the system for World Community Grid, which had now started work on the current pandemic. My total WCG server farm doing work now consist of the 1920X doing full time unless I'm Gaming, then just one of its numa nodes in local memory mode, four Ryzen 7 2700s, and a Ryzen 5 2600X doing full time.

That's 50 cores, 100 threads for Science! Which is pretty cool. As for where I'm going from here, I'm just going to chill with this setup until some insane bargains on 3900X, then stuff some of those into my servers. I'll probably get a Ryzen 5 4600X and shove it in my old X570 board, if I can get it to not get stuck on the post screen. >.>

Imma try and sleep now, but I'm so hungry, the kitchen is locked, and I don't think I'll sleep very well because it's hot. I hate the heat.

I want a blizzard.

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