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(Sash Update) Is Sash Alive? What happened to Sash? What is Sash's PC like now? SASH?!


Oh wait, it was me that made the title to this post. Okay. Uh. Yeah.

So I am still alive and things are going OK, but to the 1 (maybe 2 tops) readers of my blog; yes, I have been slow to actually create new posts (or content). That is mostly because I am battling ADHD to make some really cool stuff happen in Blender. I have more or less been doing that non-stop. There is a national shortage of ADHD medication in the UK, so I am trying to get as much done as possible before my supply runs out.

As for my PC, well, I have an RTX 4090, not sure if I posted that already, but I've been through several parts. I had a 5800X3D for a while (sold it now) which was cool to test, but have now eventually settled on a 5900X that I got on an insane Amazon Prime Day Deal for £244. Since I missed my 5950X so much. Well, the 12-core seems more balanced on AM4, since memory bandwidth was an issue for me on the 5950X in some workloads (Eyesight render denoise, negative SMT scaling, RIP).

I also got some new RAM for it, probably the fastest Samsung B-Die bin DDR4 on the market (4400 19-19-19-39) and have two of those kits (2x8, so 4x8) running in 2DPC mode at 4333 18-18-18-38, 400 tRFC, GDM off, Cmd Rate 2T (go figure). Which is kinda nice for 4 DIMMS. Of course it's de-sync, so the UCLK is at 1083~ MHz and I am running the FCLK at 1867 MHz, the highest this 5900X will do.

I've done tests and the performance is better than Synced 3733 C14-14-14-31. Latency isn't that much worse either, because the memory is so high clocked. Bandwidth for days! Well, not DDR5 level, but it's reasonable for DDR4. I get about 65 GB/s copy in synthetic, which is mice. (63ns latency, if you're curious, in AIDA, which is actually good for desync Ryzen).

Anyway I'm typing too much already and there's like, 6 doughnuts in front of me, asking to be eaten. So yeah. Maybe I will have a post on some tests later, comparing memory performance on the 5900X and some scenarious where De-sync 4+ GT/s memory actually helps over synced <4 GTs memory.



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