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You know what's cool? A Fiji XT GPU die exposed and sealed in a Key-Chain.

I can't remember if I already made a post on this or not. I think I didn't, but even if I did, I'll make another one anyway! See if I care!

Fritzchen Fritz is a seriously awesome individual. You absolutely need to check out their work if you're into integrated circuits. Go, now.

I actually had two R9 Fury Xs, and, well, uh... Yeah. They weren't so cool, mainly because the 4GB was already a limit back in 2015; especially if you wanted to drive a 4K monitor with two of them in CrossFire. Awesome technology, but the product didn't quite blow me away.

Regardless of that, one of those Fury Xs lives on with me, right now, in a keychain. I actually broke the PCB of the Fury X into fragments to get the package off (I'd rather forget the gruesome details), and then - about a year later - I sent the GPU package to Fritzchen Fritz after asking them if they'd do a die-etch for me. :D

And no, Fritzchen Fritz isn't taking orders last I asked so please don't spam them. This was a special occasion.

8.9b transistors in a ~595mm2 die on TSMC's 28nm lithography.

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