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(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Cruiser) Imerivm

A salvaged AFN Ark-class (AR-AX) Fleet Support Ship, Imerivm has been extensively refitted and upgraded with modernised technology and systems under the EFP flag. She serves as a mobile base of operations for the Free Peoples' Fleet in remote sectors, providing logistics, resource collection, re-supply, re-fuelling and re-armament for the Pathfinder and her attendant Fleet.

Earth and Space
(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Cruiser) Imerivm

A former Aquarian Federal Navy Fleet Support cruiser of the Ark-class (AR-AX). Imerivm was recovered by the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet during the 4349 A.D / 2111 F.D.S invasion of the Angel Reach by the UAS Navy's 1st Expeditionary Fleet. Her acquisition is among many of the infractions held against Captain Ronin Kociero by the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States.

The vessel has undergone major upgrades and refits over the original AR-AX Pattern 1 hull design. Notable changes include an upgraded shield generator and power plant. The vessel has internal facilities for macro and micro assembly, remote resource collection, handling and refinement, ammunition and supply production among other essential support functions. Furthermore, her hangar capabilities have been extended, allowing Imerivm to serve in some capacity as a light carrier. Her primary armaments are for defensive purposes, however.

She is an extremely important asset to the Free Peoples' Fleet, and the base of operations for much of the in-field logistics and supply efforts of the Pathfinder during her long-range missions. Due to her importance, and light armament she is rarely seen in open space, instead hiding in Asteroid or ice crystal fields, shadowing the Pathfinder, ready to provide assistance.

CoRE currently operates a research facility with Imerivm's upgraded Science Facility, where experimental upgraded systems are fitted and maintained to the EFP's ships.

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